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Unit types, also known as races, are sub-classifications of cards. Each faction has 2 types associated with it, with the exception of Neutral, which has several types, including some overlap with those of the other factions. Another special type are dragons, which appear in all factions. Unit types are sometimes referenced by cards, such as in Kindred's Grace or Ubass the Hunter's abilities.

A unit's type also affects the type of units spawned by Call for Aid. It will always spawn units of the same type as the target, except if the target is a neutral hero, in which case it will spawn knights.

For more info on unit types and their abilities, see their individual pages.

List of Unit Types[]

Faction Types
All Factions
Swarm of the East
Winter Pact
Ironclad Union
Tribes of Shadowfen

All other types, as well as: