Stormbound: Kingdom Wars Wiki
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Brawl Mode is one of the gamemodes of Stormbound, alongside Ranked Mode and Campaign, where players fight other players in order to obtain crowns and be rewarded with exclusive resources.

Pressing the Battle button will put you into a queue until you are matched with another player. Once you are matched, the entry fee will be deducted from your account.

Every Thursday, a new Brawl will begin and will last for 4 days. Each week's Brawl has its own theme, which will change the rules of the battle slightly.

Daily Rewards[]

(Note: If you were looking for milestone rewards, see here.)

On Mobile versions, winning a battle will reward you with Coin.png 5. This can be upgraded by watching an ad to increase the reward to Coin.png 20.

On Steam versions, winning a battle will reward you with Coin.png 10. This cannot be upgraded.

The first win of the day will reward you with an extra Coin.png 30. This bonus resets daily at 7:00 UTC.

Coin Cap[]

There is a Coin.png 400 cap on the amount of coins you can get via battling. This cap is also shared with coins that may be earned from Ranked Mode. This cap also resets daily at 7:00 UTC.

Sources that count towards the coin cap:

  • Coins from winning a battle
  • Coins from the first win of the day bonus

Sources that don't count towards the coin cap:

  • Quests
  • Shop offers

(Note: You can obtain Coin.png 415 in a day by playing until you have reached Coin.png 395 out of the Coin.png 400 cap and then obtaining Coin.png 20.)


Crowns screen.png

Crowns are a special resource that can only be obtained during Brawl, and are limited to each week's Brawl.

Winning a Brawl match will earn you 5 Crown.png Crowns. Losing will earn you 1 Crown.png Crown.


Each week's Brawl will have its own theme that will affect both players, changing cards and adding new twists to gameplay.


Name Modifier
Eye of the Tempest -2 Mana for all spells
Heavy Metal -2 Mana for all Knights
Scavengers +1 Speed for all Ravens
Swift Demise +2 Strength for all Undead
Lucrative Project Speed set to 2 for all Constructs
Natural Sprint -2 Mana for all Dwarves
Aftershock Mana set to 2 for all Structures
Unleashed Fury +1 Speed for all Dragons
Small Plague +3 Strength for all Rodents
Goddess' Boon +4 Strength for all Frostlings
Freedom Fight Mana set to 2 for all Toads
Self-Control +1 Speed for all Satyrs
Heroic Deeds +3 Strength for all Heroes
Pirate Mercenaries Speed set to 2 for all Pirates
Noble Coalition +2 Strength for all Felines
Elderly Wisdom +3 Strength for all Elders
Pirates’ Treasure -2 Mana for all Pirates


By collecting enough Crowns, you can reach milestones that reward you with prizes like rubies, Fusion Stones, Books, and new cards.

Each milestone also has a coin fee you must pay before entering a match, which increases the higher up you go.

Milestone Prizes, Fees, and Crown Requirements[]

Milestone Coin Fee Crowns Needed to Reach Prize
1 Free 10 Crown.png Humble Book
2 Coin.png20 20 Crown.png (+10) 5 Rubies
3 Coin.png50 35 Crown.png (+15) Classic Tome
4 Coin.png100 50 Crown.png (+15) 10 Fusion Stones
5 Coin.png150 70 Crown.png (+20) Mythic Tome
6 Coin.png200 95 Crown.png (+25) 1 copy of Weekly Card*
7 Coin.png250 125 Crown.png (+30) 50 Fusion Stones
8 Coin.png300 160 Crown.png (+35) 250 Rubies
9 Coin.png400 200 Crown.png ( +40) 5-10 copies of Weekly Card**
10 Coin.png500 250 Crown.png (+50) 200 Fusion Stones

* The weekly card changes with every new Brawl.

** The number of copies depends on the rarity of the card: 10 for rare, 7 for epic, and 5 for legendary.